Christmas Decor Ideas – 14 DIY Alternative Modern Christmas Trees

Christmas trees play a huge part in making a home feel festive. But with them comes the task of keeping them alive, upright, and preventing the needles from taking over your house.

If a real Christmas tree isnt possible for you this year or youre looking for a way to create that festive feeling without all the Christmas tree stress, these 14 alternative Christmas trees might be just what you need.

DIY Christmas tree fromvtwonen instructionshere. Styled by Kim Rossberg for vtwonen. Photography by Sjoerd Eickmans.

2. This Christmas tree alternative is perfect for all the minimalists out there. Simple greenery arranged in the shape of a tree can be made as large or as small as you want it.

DIY Xmas Tree Wall Hanging fromAlmost Makes Perfect instructionshere.

3. Build this simple wood frame Christmas tree using scrap wood. Fill the inside with as much or as little wood as you like, and decorate it with some string lights and simple ornaments to make it extra festive.

DIY Wood frame tree inspiration fromIkea

4. Paint stir sticks have been painted and suspended from a steamer rack to create a floating Christmas tree alternative that has plenty of room underneath it, which is perfect for stacking up the presents.

DIY Paint Stirrer Tree by Confetti Pop for Curbly instructionshere. Photography byMichael Haug.

5. Simple trees made from strips of washi tape are an easy way to create Christmas tree shapes on your walls that can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

DIYwashitape trees from Brit + Co. instructionshere.

6. This geometric paint chip Christmas tree is a fun way to make a customized tree that perfectly matches the rest of your interior.

Geometric Paint Chip Christmas Tree byWe Are Scout instructionshere.

7. Thin slices of PVC pipe have been attached to a sheet of plywood and filled with fun ornaments to create a festive Christmas tree alternative that can be used year after year.

PVC Pipe Tree byMartha Stewart instructionshere. Photography byEric Piasecki Photography.

8. This Christmas tree alternative might be simple but it certainly makes a statement when the strings of lights are plugged in and the tree is all lit up.

Christmas light tree fromA Pair and A Spare instructionshere.

9 and 10. Creating a Christmas tree alternative can be as simple as printing out a large photo of one and decorating it with small ornaments or hanging picture ledges and filling with your favorite family photos.

Right Photo  DIY Picture Ledge Tree byMerMag instructionshere.11. Another alternative perfect for minimalists, this tree requires nothing more than two sheets of plywood and a saw.

DIY plywood tree fromThe Merrythought instructionshere.

12. This all black washi tape tree creates a minimal Christmas display that can be decorated or left empty, and makes a spot perfect for piling up presents.

Washi Tape Tree fromAll Washi Tape instructionshere.

13. This Scandinavian inspired DIY Christmas tree is pretty easy to make and creates a dramatic look.

Scandinavian inspired plywood tree byDans Le Lakehouse instructionshere.

14. All you need to make this simple space saving tree is some tissue paper, poster board, tape and scissors.

DIY Space Saving Christmas Tree byBrittni Mehlhofffor Curbly instructionshere. Photography by Brittni Mehlhoff.

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